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Art as Medium

2014-05-1409:00 to 15:00 Lecture Hall Samuelsson, Tomtebodavägen 6Campus SolnaCLK - Centre for Learning and Knowledge
Sculptures by Lilian Nabulime

Arts for Global Public Health and Learning

KI is welcoming you to a one-day event to inspire the possibilities of art in promoting public health on a global level and as a means to stimulate active learning. 

During the day, we will explore diverse perspectives of how art can be used to create dialogue and provide a deeper understanding of global public health challenges.

Lillian Nabulime

Dr. Lilian Nabulime is an artist who uses sculptures in public health work to prevent HIV in rural areas. The sculptures help to raise awareness of disease transmission with a preventive purpose.


Elisabeth Gaufberg

Dr. Elisabeth Gaufberg applies art – visual as well as literature and music – in her teaching of medical students. Art is linked to active learning and becomes a connection between the articulated and inarticulated, promoting discussion among participants.


We will work together to create an exciting and inspirational day and learn about the use of progressive, interactive and student-centred pedagogy in areas of major importance for global public health.

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In the evening from 18-21 will be the opening of the art exhibition "Arts in public health for global benefit" by Lilian Nabulime at the gallery Candyland, on Gotlandsgatan 76, which is an artist run gallery.


Tanja Tomson
Programme Director, Public Health Sciences and Global Health

Jonas Nordquist
Director of Medical Case Centre

Ingemar Ernberg
Council for culture

Contact person: Tanja Tomson


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