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AMEE Prep Course

2017-08-2413:00 to 16:00 StrixCampus SolnaCLK - Centre for Learning and Knowledge

AMEE Prep Course

For you who will present at AMEE 2017 we introduce a hands-on preperatory workshop that puts you and your presentation in splendid shape! 

AIM: Improve and fine-tune the presentation skills at an International conference. 

This workshop is for KI participants at AMEE 2017 who will give an oral presentation. The workshop will provide each presenter various opportunities to practice and rehearse his or her presentation in a safe and constructive environment with peers.

After this session you should be able to: fine-tune your presentation in order to appear comfortable, competent and professional in an international context. 

In parallel we will also provide interview training for those interested in recording video and audio clips for v-casts and podcasts direct from AMEE 2017!

All attendees who will be going to AMEE are encouraged to join our KI at AMEE Facebook Group to connect, coordinate, explore and celebrate togehter at AMEE! 


To become mixed, blended or united; reserve Tuesday afternoon at AMEE for KI Mingle. Stay tuned for more details!

Contact person: Anneliese Lilienthal