Lectures and seminars


2018-03-0712:00 to 13:00 Duncan, 2nd floor at Widerströmska (Tomtebodavägen 18a)Campus Solna

ALL-LIME-PhD-Seminar-Series* with feedback from senior researchers!

We are starting up the next iteration of the ALL-LIME-PhD-Seminar-Series* with feedback from senior researchers!

We are starting up an all-LIME PhD* student seminar series to receive feedback from senior researchers and other PhD students/post-docs /researchers who are outside of your research group. (*post-docs, research assistants, etc. can also present).

We can set this seminar series up the way you find most helpful- one suggestion has been to have a theme, such as “action research”. Two students could present some aspect of their research using “action research” and gain feedback on that. 



From 12.00 to 13.00:

  • Feb. 9th, Friday, in the New Duncan (2nd floor)
  • March 7, Wednesday, in the New Duncan (2nd floor)
  • April 9th, Monday, in Explore (3rd floor)
  • May 15, Wednesday, in the New Duncan (2nd floor)

The Goal:

  • To receive feedback and help on an aspect of your research that you are stuck on from outside of your immediate research group

      To find out what others are doing- and how that can possibly help you in your own work, and to give input to others

  • To be exposed to the different types of research/research methods at LIME

The setup:

  • ”Bring your own lunch” Lunch meeting for one hour
  • 10 min presentation, 20 min discussion
  • 2 student presentations/meeting

Signing up to be a speaker:

Do you want to be one of the lucky speakers who gets feedback on your research? Or do you have a topic/Theme you are interested in? Just email me (sophia.savage@ki.se) to sign up!

Are you a senior researcher?

Can you help give feedback to other students? Please let me know if you can make it any of these days, (sophia.savage@ki.se), or if you are interested in any specific themes.

Signing up to attend:

Please sign up to attend the first date (sophia.savage@ki.se) - we might be able to get lunch or fika provided as a kick-off event! It is nice, but not mandatory to sign up for the other dates.

Who is welcome to attend:

Welcome for all of LIME: senior researchers, PhD students, aspiring PhD students, research assistants, post-docs, those writing project plans, visiting people = everyone!

Please contact me for more details, or if you want to sign up for a speaker slot, or if you have ideas of how to make this a success! I’m really happy to receive feedback on what you want/what would be most helpful for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Contact person: Sophia Savage