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Blended pedagogical models for teaching and learning with Canvas

Competence development workshops for organisers of doctoral courses

Date and location:

  • Wednesday 28th August, 9-12 in Flemingsberg

Duration: Three hour workshop. Please note that participants will need to allocate two hours prior to the workshop to complete tasks in Canvas. These tasks are mandatory for participation in the workshop and they will be made available one week before the workshop.


The purpose of these workshops is to help course organisers use the Canvas platform on their courses and to learn effective ways of promoting active learning through blended and flipped classroom designs.

Following the questionnaire sent to course organisers earlier this year, we are now planning to offer a workshop on the theme.

Main content

During the workshop we will

  • Discuss strategies for working with blended learning and flipped learning using Canvas.
  • Try out the flipped learning approach from a student perspective. Participants will be asked to do a few tasks in Canvas prior to the workshop.
  • Introduction to Canvas and hands-on practice (from the teacher perspective). Participants will be able to select tools for content creation in Canvas based on blended learning models.

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

  • Participants will be able to discuss how to choose teaching and learning activities using Canvas.

  • Participants will be able to create learning activities in Canvas based on blended learning models

Responsible: Juha Nieminen, LIME.
Number of participants: Minimum 10 and maximum 22.


Summer session; 28th August 2019 in Flemingsberg - Register

Juha Nieminen

Course leader

Carina Bois

Course leader

Evianne Larsson

Educational Administrator