Register to doctoral education

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The registration/application process is important and there is much to think about. We will guide you through it. Follow the below instructions.

Apply for General Eligibility

The first thing you need to do is to apply for General Eligibility. Send an application for Assessment of General Eligibility for doctoral studies to Karolinska institutet, Antagningsgruppen/ GBF, 171 77 Stockholm. Please note that the processing time for the assessment can be up to three weeks. If you have gained qualifications abroad, please use the English language form.

Third-cycle education in Medical Science

Four weeks before the registration seminar an application for admission to third-cycle studies at our department must be submitted to the educational administrator.

The application must contain:

Note! The application must not be bound or double-sided

1 "Application for Assessment of General Eligibility for doctoral studies" approved by Karolinska Institutet.
2 Application for admission
3 Individual study plan
4 CV (The applicant and all the supervisors)
5 Ethical approvals
6 Project plan/Research plan
7 Copy of ID card, passport or civic registration document
8 Supervisor training certificate for the principal supervisor
9 Supervisor agreement if several departments are involved
10 If the project is financed by KID funding, please add a copy of the application and the decision
11 Ensure that the head of your division countersigns in the bottom right corner of the application for admission. (There is no box for this)

Register seminars

21 February (last day of applying 25 January)
16 May (last day of applying 18 April)

Educational administrator

Educational administrator

Arja Kramsu

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 836 44
Organizational unit: Administrativ office

Study director


Anthony Wright

Organizational unit: Clinical research center