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Time for the dissertation


Before an application for dissertation/licentiate degree is submitted to the Dissertation Committee at KI (no later than 10-11 weeks prior to the exam), it must be approved by the director of studies and the head of department. Be sure to be ready in good time!

After the dissertation

Send the completed original printout of the minutes of the dissertation to the departmental study administrator, who will attach an up-to-date extract from the doctoral student's LADOK register (UT90) with the information "All courses completed" and then send this to the responsible degree officer at KI.

Degree certificates

Every student who takes a doctoral or licentiate degree at Karolinska Institutet will receive a degree certificate on request. This degree certificate is the official document that proves that the doctoral degree has been awarded. The diploma handed out at the conferment ceremony is not an official document.

Only one original printout of a degree certificate can be made. If the original disappears, or if for any other reason you require a certified copy, please contact: registrator@ki.se.

Educational administrator

Arja Kramsu

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 836 44
Organizational unit: Administrativ office
E-mail: Arja.Kramsu@ki.se