Compulsory requirements during your training

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To achieve the formal objectives of your graduate studies, you are obliged to report a few compulsory requirements.

Annual follow-up

The annual follow-up of the doctoral project is obligatory for all doctoral students and is to take place once a year. Exactly when this will take place is different for each individual doctoral student and is based on the date of admission for doctoral students.

Important! When it is time to submit your first annual follow-up, you must contact the director of doctoral studies for a brief meeting and discussion regarding how your first year of a doctoral student at the department has gone.

Form - annual follow up

Activities and financing

Information must be submitted to the department twice a year (June and December).

The reporting, which is obligatory for all doctoral students, covers the percentage of time spent on third-cycle studies during that period, and how the education has been financed.

A separate e-mail is sent to all doctoral students as a reminder, when this form of reporting is employed.

The information is recorded in the doctoral student's LADOK register on an ongoing basis.

Introductory course

The introduction is obligatory and is intended for all recently admitted doctoral students. N.B. You must register for this course yourself! Register here!

Registry of course credits in LADOK

Courses and other activities for which credits are awarded which are NOT part of KI's range of courses must be registered in LADOK as “Accreditation regulations”. Read more about the regulations.

All courses logged in the LADOK register must follow the individual study plan! Should the course syllabus change, the individual study plan must also be revised. It is normally appropriate to do this in connection with the annual follow-up.