Lectures and seminars

Seminar - Human liver fatty acid metabolism: the art of tracing fat

2017-02-1413:00 to 14:00 Room: 4Z, 4th floor, ANA 8Campus Flemingsberg

Division of Clinical Chemistry, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Liver Academy @ KI proudly present:

"Human liver fatty acid metabolism: the art of tracing fat"


Leanne Hodson, PhD, Associate Professor
Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism (OCDEM), University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Dr. Hodson's main research focus is on fatty liver disease. Her group uses stable-isotope tracers to study human liver metabolism using in vivo, ex-vivo and in vitro models. Dr. Hodson has also experience in working with human hepatic cell models to identify and understand the molecular mechanisms underlying fatty liver disease.

Contact person: Camilla Pramfalk