Morphological phenotype analysis - pathology

Morphological phenotyping of mice is performed by Karolinska Institutet Mouse Models in Solna and Huddinge. 

Pathology is a major and integral part of the phenotyping process of mutant mice in order to find and adequately describe the changes caused by the genetic modification.

Our services

Necropsy, anatomical pathology and histology, post mortem µCT. 

The morphological phenotyping can also be complemented by additional analyses according to the IMPC pipeline (link to Impress website): 

  • Body Composition (using EchoMRITM
    (see Body Composition at Impress website)
  • Ultrasound-directed studies of organs
  • X-ray analysis (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
    (see X-ray analysis at Impress website) 

The first-line analyses of whole animals are performed on the KIMM premises of the Wallenberg laboratory animal facility at Karolinska Institutet Solna campus. The secondary-line analyses (histopathological work-up and post mortem tissue analyses) are performed in collaboration with the core facility Morphologic Phenotype Analysis (FENO) at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge.


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