Longer processing times at Wallenberg laboratory due to summer holidays

Published 2017-06-26 15:29. Updated 2017-06-26 15:30

The summer vacation period is starting and KM Wallenberg, KIMM and KCTT administrate requests as usual; however the vacation period will affect the daily work. Please be aware that:  

  • New accesses to KM-W will be limited during July until August 11th
  • Establishment of new groups will be limited during July until August 11th
  • Biopsies may be a little delayed (if you have strains that it is crucial that they are biopsied at the date of weaning please inform us with a motivation)
  • Transports will be limited during July until August 11th; in particular during the period July 24th - August 11th
  • Import submissions, rederivation requests etc. via KIMM will have a longer processing time-limit (up to 3-4 weeks)
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