Interprofessional education

Sari Ponzer's research group in medical education focuses on interprofessional education and on professional development. Starting and developing a clinical interprofessional training ward (IPTW) has been, and still is, one of the major interests.


Interprofessional education

A clinical interprofessional training ward (IPTW) has been running since 1998 at Södersjukhuset. The research group has demonstrated that a 2-week interprofessional clinical course at the IPTW, designed for medical students, nursing students, occupational therapy students and physiotherapy students is beneficial on short and long term in developing their own professional roles and their function as team members. They have also shown that team building training improves teamwork and collaboration.

The research group members are involved in validating a new tool for assessing interprofessional education (IPE) also cooperate with Linköping University, Hälsouniversitetet in a study focusing on the impact of IPE in different educational contexts.

More information: Sari Ponzer, Uffe Hylin, Hanna Lachmann

Professional development

Professional development is an important part of medical education but there is no generally accepted model how to integrate these aspects in the medical school curricula. The group has shown that one-to-one mentoring and group mentoring enhance the medical students professional and personal development.

Group mentoring is today a mandatory part of the professional development for medical students at KI. Focus for the research group is to follow medical students over a longer period of time via CASS and study their professional development.

More information: Susanne Kalén, Uffe Hylin, Sari Ponzer

Standardized Patients

A Standardized patients (SP) program has been running at Södersjukhuset for more than 10 years. An SP is defined as an individual, who has been trained to replicate the patient presentation in a clinical encounter setting in a consistent and realistic way. The group focuses on quality insurance of the SPs performance in the assessment of interpersonal and communication skills in a OSCE examination. Cultural aspects on professional behavior between Sweden and Iran are also studied.

More information: Mandana Shirazi, Italo Masiello, Sari Ponzer

Research group leader

Sari Ponzer

Group members

Uffe Hylin

Susanne Kalén

Hanna Lachmann

Italo Masiello

Caroline Olsson

Mandana Shirazi


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