Quality of early intervention for young children with autism- a question of knowledge and allegiance?

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In Sweden young children with autism offers services through the habilitation centers and according to guidelines, early intensive intervention (EIBI) is the recommended treatment. EIBI is conducted by preschool staff and parents in the child’s everyday life with supervision from the habilitation center. The purpose of this project is to investigate the knowledge and attitude towards EIBI and also to measure the quality of delivered treatment and the relationship between quality and children’s progress.

Knowledge and attitudes have been investigated through a web survey. To measure quality of EIBI video films have been collected on ongoing treatments at the Autism center for young children in Stockholm. The children’s progress have been monitored by test and questionnaires. The data collection is now ended and the data is being processed and analyzed.


Ulrika Långh

E-mail: ulrika.langh@ki.se