Interventions for parents with ADHD

ADHD and executive dysfunction complicates the management and coordination of daily activities and may lead to impairments in everyday family life, family relationships and family functioning, including parental skills. Parents, interest organizations and professionals within both health and welfare care have repeatedly raised the need for parental interventions specifically adapted for parents with ADHD. Today, however, there are no systematically evaluated parent interventions or training programs targeting parents with ADHD in Swedish.

KIND have been asked by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to (1) review existing knowledge and literature on parent training interventions for parents with ADHD and to (2) develop a draft on how a parent training program specifically targeting parents with ADHD may be designed.

Following the basic principles and guidelines of evidence-based practice, we will explore and integrate information from three sources: (1) clinical expertise, (2) patients’ experiences, need and values, as well as (3) the best scientific evidence available.

Clinical expertise will be explored through individual and group interviews with professionals as well as via a web-based survey spread across two international scientist networks. Patients’ experiences, needs and values will be explored in individual and group interviews. Existing literature and research evidence will be explored in a systematic literature review.

Results will be summarized in a report for the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, accompanied by a draft of a potential design of a parent training program specifically adapted for parents with ADHD.



Tatja Hirvikoski

Affiliated to research
K6 Department of Women's and Children's Health