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Research group Ellika andolf

Almost one tenth of all Swedish children are born at Danderyd Hospital. We have two delivery wards; Danderyd and BB Stockholm. This makes the hospital very suitable for research.

We study factors influencing the possibility to concieve, factors influencing the course of pregnancy and the outcome of delivery. We investigate thyroid function in relation to pregnancy, hypertensive disease during pregnancy and why some women opt for cesarean section on maternal request. We have studies concerning preterm birth and arrested labour and we also investigate if we can lower the risk of acute cesarean and vaginal ruptures with various interventions.

In addition we have a large out-patient clinic where we treat women for various gynecologic conditions.

Part of the research concerns early detection of cervical cancer and we have taken part in the developement of a vaccine for cervical cancer. One of our doctors has designed a microscope for early detection that can be used in developing countries. Another research area concerns vulvovaginal disease where a specialized polyclinic is available at Danderyd Hospital. Research connected to the clinic focus on infections, especially recurring fungal infections. We have also developed methods to treat chronic vulvar pain as well as pelvic pain, especially endomteriosis. We also done studies to simplify and improve the safety of abortions.

We take part in the large study on genetic factors and lifestyle (LifeGene).

We have a research laboratory with one research nurse administrating academic as well as pharmaceutical studies We cooperate with other research laboratories at Danderyd Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet.

Group members

Group leader: Professor, consultant
Consultant, associate professor: nina.bohm‑
CEO BB Stockholm, RNRM, associate professor:
Consultant, PhD:
Consultant, PhD, head of the research laboratory:
Consultant, PhD:
Consultant, PhD:
Consultant, PhD:
Consultant, PhD:
Consultant, PhD: karin.wickströ
Specialist PhD:
Consultant, PhD:
Specialist, PhD-student:
Specialis, PhD-student:
Specialist, PhD-student:
RNRM, PhD-student:

Selected publications