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Research group Andres Thorell

Ongoing research at the Clinical research Centre, Ersta Hospital involves mainly studies within the area of gastrointestinal surgery. Large volumes of patients undergoing surgery in combination with own laboratories and national/international collaborators provide exceptional opportunities to perform clinical studies.

The two main areas in which studies are ongoing are colorectal cancer and bariatric surgery. During the last decade an international collaboration has been established in which a program to optimize perioperative care has been established in order to minimize the negative effects induced by the surgical trauma (ERAS, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery). By creating a web-based database, a significant number of clinical studies have been able to perform in order to evaluate various clinical routines.

The department of surgery at Ersta hospital is also one of the largest centers for bariatric surgery in Europe, which gives opportunities to perform studies within this area as well. Particular interest has been given to areas such as mechanisms behind beneficial effects by gastric bypass surgery on type 2 diabetes, the impact of preoperative clinical routines on postoperative outcome, the potential to improve outcome after bariatric surgery in young adults (18-25 yr.) by the use of an extended support program as well as effects of gastric bypass surgery on kidney function in patients with diabetes.

Moreover, in an ongoing collaboration with Professor Arner´s group at Karolinska University Hospital, intrinsic properties in adipose tissue of importance for the development of obesity per se as well as obesity-associated disease are being investigated

Other areas in which randomized trials as well as studies based on national patient registries are ongoing are gall stone disease, hernia surgery, as well as surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and achalasia.

Group members

Professor Anders Thorell
Docent Jonas Nygren
MD, PhD Ulf Gustafsson
MD Jesper Magnusson
MD, PhD Claes Anderin
MD Mats Möller, e-post:

Selected publications