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Neurovascular Regenerative Medicine

2014-09-2608:30 to 18:00 Nobel Forum, KI Campus SolnaCampus Solna

Illustration av Mattias Karlén

Neurovascular Regenerative Medicine: From Development to Disease

The brain is our most energy-demanding organ, constantly requiring nutrient delivery. To meet these demands, the nervous system has developed a highly specialized regulation of blood flow dynamics and mechanisms of vascular growth while avoiding damage from serum components. The blood-brain-barrier and neural vasculature are essential for CNS function. As a consequence, impaired blood delivery and barrier function are the most common causes of brain injury and disease. This one day symposium brings the leading researchers to present recent advances in scientific concepts and their implications for medical care.

Scientific organizers

Julianna Kele-Olovsson

Sebastian Lewandowski


Peter Carmeliet - Univ. Leuven, BEL

Britta Engelhardt - Univ. Bern, CHE

Ulf Eriksson - KI, SWE

Chenghua Gu - Harvard, USA

Staffan Holmin - KI, SWE

Donald E Ingber - Wyss Institute, Harvard, USA

Lars Jakobsson - KI, SWE

Gabor Petzold - DZNE, DE

Didier Stainier - Max Planck, DE

Ryan Watts - Genentech Inc., USA

Lena Claesson-Welsh - Uppsala Univ., SWE


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