The research at the Department of Women's and Children's Health deals with both basic and clinical science in women's and children's health. The research takes place in ten divisions with separate scientific profiles. The divisions vary in size and have several research groups. We are also engaged in education on both undergraduate (MD programme), specialist (paediatric nurses, midwives, physicians), and postgraduate levels.

Healthy skin contact

Skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery has been shown to have many positive health effects for both the mother and the newborn child. Together with colleagues at Makerere University and University of Gulu, researchers at the Division of Reproductive Health, Karolinska Institutet have developed a routine to increase the proportion of mothers and newborns in Uganda who have early skin-to-skin contact. This film has been produced in collaboration with the Healthy Children Projectin the US, and will be used to educate midwives and doctors.