Neurodevelopmental disorders

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Research group leader:

Professor/senior physician

Hans Forssberg


Research focus

The focus is on the development of cognitive and motor functions in healthy individuals and in various neurodevelopmental disorders such as cerebral palsy, ADHD, DCD, autism spectrum disorder and language impairment. The research is translational using several longitudinal and clinical cohorts, as well as various animal models. The overall goal is to understand the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive and motor dysfunctions in order to develop new principles for prevention and intervention.

Key topics


  • Studies on the GxE interaction influencing motor and cognitive functions, in particular how some early environmental factors such as stress and gut microbiota influences brain development and behaviour later in life.


  • Develop biomarkers and assessment tools in order to early detect and later follow the disease process or effect of interventions.


  • Develop new principles for motor and cognitive training and understand the underlying mechanisms.