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Unit of Occupational and Environmental Dermatology

The aim of our research is to increase knowledge in occupationally and environmentally related skin diseases, risk factors and prevention.

Exposure to skin sensitizing chemicals and skin irritants results in skin allergy and dermatitis, which are very frequently occurring. Exposure reduction is essential for prevention of disease. Much is still unknown about important causes and effective preventive measures.

Our research is multidisciplinary and involves epidemiological, experimental and clinical methodology. Questionnaires and interviews, and examination of work places, products and materials are performed. Volunteers participate in skin allergy testing, exposure studies, and in skin exposure assessments. We have developed methods to measure metals, hair dyes and particles on the skin.

Our main research areas concern skin allergy and dermatitis affecting workers, consumers and children due to harmful skin exposure

  • Occurrence, prognosis and consequences of skin allergies and hand eczema
  • Skin sensitizing metals, cosmetic ingredients and thermosetting plastics
  • Other risk factors (wet work and lifestyle factors)
  • Skin exposure to hazardous substances, skin absorption and protective gloves
  • Measures to reduce harmful skin exposure and prevent disease

Our researchers are involved in risk assessment and risk management at different level, including the EU chemicals and cosmetics regulations and Swedish workplace regulation. We have close collaboration with the Stockholm County Council Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Head of Unit

Professor emeritus

Carola Lidén

Enhet: Integrativ toxikologi

Unit members