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Project: Research Programme Hazardous skin exposure

Use of hazardous chemicals is increasing. Occupational skin diseases are caused by sensitizers and irritants. Exposure to toxic chemicals may be fatal. Harmful effects can however be prevented.

Programme Grant by Forte provides long-term support for research. The aims are to develop, improve and apply methods for skin exposure assessment focusing new exposures; to draw attention to needs and possibilities for reducing hazardous skin exposure; to establish a Centre of excellence on hazardous skin exposure, risk assessment and risk management. Methods to record and quantify exposure, absorption and local effects are used. Exposure chamber studies are performed, and attitudes and knowledge are studied. The programme is internationally unique by its focus on skin exposure to sensitizers and irritants, skin absorption of toxic chemicals, and prevention by exposure reduction.

Collaboration is performed with Professor Gunnar Johanson, Institute of Environmental Medicine, and with other research groups in Sweden, Europe and the US as displayed in project descriptions.


  • Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte, former FAS)


Carola Lidén