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Project: Hand eczema and contact allergy in adolescents

Hand eczema and contact allergy are common in adults. Little is known about the occurrence in young people. Hand eczema is the most common work related skin disease.

Hand eczema, contact allergy, choice of education and career are studied within the follow-up of the BAMSE birth cohort at the age of 16. Web based questionnaire and clinical examination including patch testing for contact allergy and a hand eczema score are used. The project will increase knowledge about the prevalence of hand eczema and contact allergy in young people, and about genetic risk factors. This is expected to contribute to reduction of harmful exposure and prevention of work-related skin disease by measures in schools, health care and work places.

Collaboration with Associate Professor Inger Kull and Professor Carl-Fredrik Wahlgren, Karolinska Institutet, and the BAMSE project.


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Carola Lidén

Carina Grönhagen

Maria Lagrelius