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Project: Epoxy pipe relining

Pipe relining with epoxy is widely used as alternative to replacing old pipes. We have experienced that relining workers are at high risk of developing skin allergy and dermatitis.

The aim is to reduce skin exposure to epoxy and the risk of lifelong allergy and dermatitis. Skin exposure to epoxy in relining workers is studied in workplaces. Work methods, use of protective equipment, and knowledge of risks and regulations are assessed by observation and questionnaire. Relining workers with work-related dermatitis and results from the clinical examinations are described. Written information for prevention of occupational skin disease from relining work is disseminated to workers and employers.

Collaboration is performed with the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Stockholm County Council.


  • AFA Insurance
  • Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte, former FAS)


Carola Lidén