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Presentations 25 November 2016

Presentations from celebration of 40 years of education in toxicology at KI and IMM


The ToxMaster programme today and recent developments
Annika Hanberg, programme director, IMM

Adverse Outcome Pathways AOPs in toxicology and risk assessment
Brigitte Landesmann, EC Joint Research Center

The air-liquid interface cell model as an alternative toxicity method
Lena Palmberg, IMM

Big data (omics) in toxicology
Roland Grafström, IMM

The challenge of identifying endocrine disrupters
Anna Beronius, IMM

Assessment of chemical mixtures
Johanna Zilliacus, IMM

In silico methods in toxicology and risk assessment
Scott Boyer, Swetox

Text mining – a new method in risk assessment and toxicological research
Ilona Silins, IMM

The role of the microbiome in toxicity
Harri Alenius, IMM

Nanotoxicology: challenges and future perspectives
Bengt Fadeel, IMM