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Immunomodulation and Multiple Sclerosis Epidemiology Study - IMSE

Project description

The project has the aim to monitor and analyze the importance of different demographic and clinical characteristics for the effect of immunomodulatory drugs for multiple sclerosis (MS). It consists of six clinical phase-4 studies.

Long-term follow-up of the patients is carried out via the Swedish Neuro Registries in order to detect any new unknown adverse events beyond the years of earlier controlled clinical trials. Another purpose is to map environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors which may be of importance for the rate of MS progression as well as drug response.

The following drugs are included in the IMSE study:

  • IMSE 1: Tysabri (natalizumab)
  • IMSE 2: Gilenya (fingolimod)
  • IMSE 3: Lemtrada
  • IMSE 4: Aubagio
  • IMSE 5: Tecfidera
  • IMSE 6: Plegridy


  • The Swedish Medical Research Council
  • The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research
  • King Gustaf V’s 80-year foundation
  • The Swedish Rheumatic Foundation
  • Stockholm County Council
  • Söderbergfonden
  • The insurance company AFA
  • EU - Autocure
  • US National Institute for Health

Contact information

Contact person: Lars Alfredsson