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IMM Conference Big Data: Professor Mikael Huss

Multi-omics data integration - a case study at Scilifelab

One of the biggest challenges in life science research is to process and combine multi-faceted data sets generated with different technologies into a coherent picture. I will exemplify with some case studies involving several data producing facilities at SciLifeLab how we attempt to extract interesting knowledge using a ”multi-omics” approach.

Short biography

Mikael Huss is associate professor of bioinformatics at the Royal Institute of Technology and works in SciLifeLab’s national bioinformatics platform, NBIS. He is currently coordinating an initiative there about integrating big data from various ”omics” technologies and other sources. He has a long-standing interest in machine learning and blogs about things like big data, open data, data analysis competitions, and health informatics at "Follow the data".