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IMM Conference Big Data: Professor Ian Hall

Exploring the genetics of COPD susceptibility using the UK Biobank population

UK Biobank is an excellent resource for undertaking genetic epidemiology (and other) studies in both common and rarer diseases. There are 500,000 individuals from the UK with extensive phenotype information and samples for further study. We used the UK biobank resource for a proof of concept genetic epidemiological study (UK BiLEVE)in 50,000 individuals to investigate genetic susceptibility to COPD, smoking behaviour and also to explore the genetic architecture of lung function. We designed a bespoke genotyping platform for use in UK biobank and identified a number of novel genetic association signals. Ongoing work is centring on the study of lung function as a quantitative trait in the broader UK biobank population.

Short biography

Professor Ian Hall is currently the Boots’ Professor of Therapeutics and Director of the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Nottingham. His main clinical interest is in respiratory medicine. He completed his clinical studies at the University of Oxford before moving to Nottingham for specialist and research training. Subsequently he was an MRC travelling fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and National Asthma Campaign Senior Research Fellow back in Nottingham. From 2009-2015 he was Executive Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in Nottingham. Projects in his laboratory focus upon genetic approaches to the study of airway diseases with a special emphasis on asthma and COPD, and studies on cell signalling mechanisms in cells relevant to airway pathology. He was a member of the MRC PSMB board (2006-2010), Chair of the MRC Clinical Fellowship panel (2011-2015), and a panel member for both UOA4 of the 2008 RAE and for UOA 1 of REF 2014.

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