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WHO Environmental noise guidelines for the European Region

WHO Regional Office for Europe has initiated a systematic review of all pertinent literature in order to provide recommendations for the protection of public health as part of the upcoming WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region. Whereas the scientific evidence on health effects of environmental noise is growing, the recognition of noise as an environmental health issue is insufficient. The focus on the new guidelines is on noise exposure in residences, hospitals, educational settings and public venues. Main sources considered include aircraft, railroads, road traffic wind turbines and leisure noise, primarily personal listening devices. Based on availability of evidence systematic reviews are produced on annoyance, effects on sleep, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cognitive impairment, mental health and wellbeing, hearing impairment and tinnitus, adverse birth outcomes and effects of interventions. IMM is represented in the Guideline Development Group and involved in writing the systematic review on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

  • World Health Organization
  • Swiss government.

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