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Cohort studies of factors of importance for the prognosis of back/neck pain

Project description

  1. The Stockholm Public Health Cohort (SPHC): I am the PI for the research regarding musculoskeletal pain in the SPHC, a prospective cohort set within the framework of the Stockholm County Council Public Health Surveys. The cohorts include in total more than 100 000 persons, which provide statistical power for interaction analyses on risk and prognostic factors for pain/recovery for back pain, neck pain and comorbidity with psychological distress. SPHC is resident in the Department of Public Health and the PI is Professor Cecilia Magnusson. The research is performed in collaboration with them and with Professor Johan Hallqvist at Uppsala University.
  2. The Whiplash pain cohorts: We have access to several cohorts of patients from Sweden and Canada with neck pain after Whiplash. The research about prognostic factors for neck pain after is performed in collaboration with Associate Professor Pierre Côté University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Professor David Cassidy at the University of Toronto and the University of Southern Denmark, and Professor Linda Carroll at Edmonton University.

Contact person

Associate professor Eva Skillgate, +46 709 209930,