Lectures and seminars

PhD Student seminar – Plagiarism and research fraud

2016-01-2113:30 to 15:30 Petrén Hall, Nobels väg 12B, SolnaCampus Solna

The student representatives from the Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology are very glad to invite you to the following seminars under the theme of research ethics


“What is plagiarism and how to avoid it?” by Johanna Zilliacus, senior lecturer

Plagiarism is not acceptable in doctoral theses at KI, but what is it and how can it be avoided? The presentation will discuss what plagiarism is and how KI is checking doctoral theses to identify plagiarism. The participants will get the chance to identify important steps in the writing process that will help to avoid plagiarism. The seminar will be held by Johanna Zilliacus who works as a research assistant at the Institute of Environmental Medicine. She teaches courses on plagiarism on a regular basis.

“An introduction to scientific fraud” by Professor Anders Ekbom

Scientific fraud is unfortunately not non-existent, and yet it is a phenomenon which we perhaps don’t discuss very often. This talk will guide us through the mechanisms which may lead to fraud, exemplify what is fraud and how it is usually discovered. Problems related to whistleblowing and guilt-by-association will also be discussed. Our speaker Anders Ekbom holds vast experience on the topic of scientific fraud having chaired several investigations on alleged misconduct, including the notable case of a Lancet publication based on fabricated data.


13.30 - 14.15   Presentation by Johanna Zilliacus (Senior Lecturer)

14.15 - 14.30   Coffee break

14.30 - 15:30   Presentation by Professor Anders Ekbom

There are 80 available places, on a first come, first serve basis; master and doctoral students, junior and senior researchers are all welcome!


Sign up as soon as possible, but no later than 31st of December.


Questions? Contact any of us at our KI-emails (givenname.surname@ki.se).



Alva Wallas (IMM), Johanna Holm (MEB), Katalin Gémes (PHS), Lingjing Chen (KEP)


Contact person: Alva Wallas