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IMM Lecture: Alternative Tobacco Products – Safer Than Cigarettes?

2015-05-2814:00 to 15:00 Blå hallen, IMM, Nobels väg 13Campus Solna

Professor Terry Gordon, NYU School of Medicine

Host: Professor Gunnar Johanson, Unit of Work Environment Toxicology, IMM 


Dr. Gordon directs a number of ongoing research projects that study the underlying toxicity of inhaled particles and gases encountered in ambient and occupational environments.  The majority of his current research focus is on the adverse health effects of size-fractionated ambient particles and nanoparticles.  He has examined the pulmonary effects of numerous inhaled particles in cell and rodent test models as well as in human subjects in panel studies.  Dr. Gordon has sampled ambient particles across the U.S., Europe, and China to study the contribution of source and components to particle toxicity.  These studies have found important differences in the toxicity of urban and rural particles and may have important impact on revisions to federal policies and regulations.  Dr. Gordon is currently collaborating on a clinical study that evaluates the adverse cardiopulmonary effect of traffic-related pollution while exercising alongside the car and diesel roadways in the NYC metropolitan area .  Additional urban clinical studies study the adverse effects of mainstream and second hand hookah smoke encountered in hookah lounges in NYC, as well as the assessment of particle exposure in taxi cabs and the NYC subway system.  Dr. Gordon is currently Chair of the Threshold Limit Value Committee of ACGIH, a committee that develops occupational exposure guidelines that protect workers’ health around the world.

Contact person: Gunnar Johanson