Lectures and seminars

Biostatistics Seminar

2015-12-1014:00 to 15:00 Atrium, Nobels väg 12 A, Karolinska InstitutetCampus Solna


Current status data: Epidemiology, avalanches and screening


Nicholas P Jewell, Professor of Biostatistics & Statistics, University of Berkeley


More than 800 people died from avalanches in Europe and North America over the six winters from 2003--2009. Avalanche survival curves describe the probability of survival as a function of burial time. These curves provide the basis for international recommendations for rescue and resuscitation and for the design of safety and rescue devices. However, estimation of such curves is complicated by the fact that the time of death is unknown for individuals who are not alive when rescued. Such data is formally referred to as current status data. Professor Jewell will review current status data analysis techniques, statistical ideas that have broad application to a variety of other data structures that arise naturally in epidemiology, demography, and economics. He will briefly discuss some new estimation problems related to current status measurements associated with grouped screening.


Supported by the Strategic Research Program in Epidemiology (SFO-Epi)


Contact person: Nicola Orsini