A harmonized approach for human biomonitoring on the European level: COPHES and DEMOCOPHES twin projects

In the EU significant efforts are made to collect biomarker data in environmental health. However, the activities are often fragmented and results cannot be sufficiently compared. The main goal of the COPHES project is to develop a harmonized approach for human biomonitoring (HBM) on the European level as requested by Action 3 of the EU Environment and Health Action Plan. Within this scope a pilot study (DEMOCOPHES) was performed to demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of an EU harmonised approach to HBM. 16 EU Member states and one other European country, being also part of COPHES used the harmonised guideline protocol prepared by COPHES to perform the pilot study. Important elements of the projects were means of quality assurance and control systems for chemical analysis and data management, training on fieldwork, data management and communication, as well as discussion documents for communication to policy makers.

COPHES: COnsortium to Perform Human biomonitoring on a European Scale

DEMOCOPHES: DEMOnstration of a study to COordinate and Perform Human biomonitoring on a European Scale

Contact person

Marika Berglund

Affiliated to research


  • EU FP7
  • EU Life+
  • Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


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