ViTriEx – Virtual Triage Exercise

The Centre for Research on Health Care in Disasters developed the tool ViTriEx during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to be able to conduct disaster medicine simulation exercises remotely. During the last year ViTriEx has developed into a teaching tool that is useful for training and education on several different levels. We continuously update the simulation and aspire to keep ViTriEx simple and easy to use.

Over the sholder of a man we see a laptop screen. On the screen one windown with the simulation tool ViTriEx is open, and another window with a video call between three people is simultaneously open.
ViTriEx in use during a simulation exercise Photo: Åsa Svensson

What is ViTriEx?

ViTriEx is a simulation tool that allows participants to practice how to organise, communicate, lead, make decisions and prioritise in mass casualty events.  The simulation is done online, and the scenario is a fictional mass casualty event, based on real situations.  During the simulation participants are taken to the scene of a casualty, as well as to the emergency room of a smaller hospital. The participants are given different roles and must then prioritise among the injured, communicate and make decisions in a chaotic and stressful environment, where resources and information is scarce.  The simulation allows for direct feedback on the decisions that the participants make.

The patients that are used in a ViTriEx simulation are based on a patient data base kept by CRIMEDIM, Center for Research in Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Università del Piemonte Orientale in Novara, Italy, whom we collaborate with.

ViTriEx’s learning outcomes

  • Apply basic principles of prioritisation of injured in a mass casualty event, where there is an imbalance between needs and resources.
  • Assign roles and organise a mass casualty scene.
  • Be able to, in a structured manner, make initial evaluation, stabilisation and re-evaluation of emergency injuries and symptoms in a mass casualty event.
  • Assure good communication techniques are used in disaster responses, as well as, in a clear manner, reflect on how such techniques can be implemented.

What do you need to use ViTriEx?

ViTriEx uses freely accessible software, with no need for licences or to download specific programmes. The tool is freely available to use for anyone who is interested. The only resources needed to conduct a simulation with ViTriEx are ordinary computers, internet access, and teachers with disaster medicine skill set.

Learn more about ViTriEx

Would you like to learn more about ViTriEx and how it is used? Or are you interested in using it for a simulation? Do not hesitate to contact us at the Centre for Research on Health Care in Disasters.

Moa Herrgård

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