Short courses in Disaster Medicine at the Centre for Research on Health Care in Disasters

In addition to our Master programme and professional training course we also offer shorter courses on both a scheduled and a request basis. One course is a freestanding course about global health and disaster medicine, whereas the other two are aimed at medical doctors in training or at medical doctors wishing to specialise. The courses are focused on pre-hospital treatment and global health.

About the courses

Freestanding course: Public Health Response in Disasters

The aim of the course is to provide competencies to adequately prioritise, plan, implement and monitor public health interventions in disaster relief, based on needs and risks. The course intends to prepare students for a many different professional roles within the field of global health and disaster medicine. It is taught alongside our Erasmus Mundus Master programme, which gives students the added benefit of collaborating with peers from all over the world and exchange knowledge and experiences in a stimulating environment.

The course awards 20 ECTs and is taught full-time, on campus at KI Campus Solna.

Hannah von Reding

Course coordinator

Disaster medicine courses for medical students at KI

We teach short courses in disaster medicine for specialist doctors and medical students at KI, in the form of an selectable course called Katastrofmedicin SVK. The content of the courses includes principles of clinical care, decision making with limited resources, and context in disasters. The course also gives students an overview of the direct and indirect effects of a disaster on health and health care systems.

During the spring and autumn semester we also arrange a special one-day course in disaster medicine for all final year medical students at KI. The focus of this one-day course is on decision-making in a context with limited resources.

Courses for specialist medical staff

Since 2018 we have conducted specialist courses on behalf of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welface (Socialstyrelsen). The specialist courses are state-funded courses for medical doctors who are doing their specialised medical training in Sweden (specialiseringstjänstgöring). The courses are focused on decision-making with limited resources, triage, and disaster medicine.

Johan von Schreeb

Head of the Centre for Research on Health Care in Disasters