Local negative pressure therapy for gunshot and explosion wounds

Wounds caused by gunshots and explosions often have difficulty healing because of extensive tissue damage and contamination. Current management practices are based on experience treating military personnel, but these skills may not necessarily transferable to a civilian context.

Research is needed to enable evidence-based management of traumatic injuries and evaluate the use of new therapies.


Local negative pressure therapy is a relatively new technology that primarily aims to reduce infections and shorten healing time. This treatment has increasingly been used on severe war injuries. However, evidence-based results are lacking, and there are no randomized controlled studies on whether this treatment is effective. We are performing a randomized controlled study to evaluate if the treatment can improve healing and reduce infection complications, providing a basis for evidence-based management of patients with traumatic injuries.


  1. To study pre-hospital trauma mortality in conflict situations and examine whether there is room to reduce this
  2. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of local negative pressure treatment of explosion and gunshot wounds