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Key cards at FyFa

Key cards are issued at the Karolinska Institutet reception desk in Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6, Mondays through Fridays 08:30-16:00 however in order for access to be activated in Biomedicum, a laboratory safety test has to be completed by all new staff.

Research group leaders need to contact the HR unit at FyFa when a new member is joining the group. HR will write a certificate for the new member, who needs to present it to the reception personnel in Aula Medica in order to have an access card issued.

Please note that before any new access can be activated in Biomedicum the new group member needs to take a laboratory safety test. Once the test has been completed, the group member will get a diploma (uploaded in Pingpong).

To get access to Biomedicum and have their card activated, the diploma needs to be shown to the personnel at the reception desk in Biomedicum.

If you have a KI-card and need access to a certain room in Biomedicum, you can contact the reception directly and have your card activated.

In case you need access to a room with specific equipment or to a core-facility, you will need approval from the person who is responsible for the room/core facility. The reception will need a written approval before access to the premise can be issued. Download form (pdf)

If you are ending your employment/studies/affiliation at KI you need to return your access card to the reception in Biomedicum.

Please contact the Diana Mattsson or Pia Raninen at the HR-unit at Fyfa if you have any questions regarding this matter.