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FyFa Forum

FyFa Forum is a seminar series held during term time at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology.

The seminars consist of scientific presentations from scientists at KI as well as invited national and international speakers. Presentations (in English) are usually 40 minutes followed by a discussion.

Seminars 2019

Please see the FyFa calendar for scheduled seminars.

Time and location

FyFa Forum seminars are usually held on Thursdays between 12:00-13:00.

No registration is needed.

The location is the Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9, Campus Solna. More information will be posted in the KI calendar.

Credits for attendance

Doctoral students at the department are awarded credits for attendance at the FyFa Forum seminars. Here is how to be accredited for attendance at the seminars:

  1. Print and fill out the attendance form. Bring the attendance form to the FyFa Forum seminar. Ask a teacher or a senior researcher to sign the form at the seminar.
  2. Print and fill out Form 16, the Karolinska Institutet form for validation and reporting of credits and skills.
  3. Hand in the completed attendance form and Form 16 to the study administrator for doctoral studies at FyFa.

Educational administrator

Sofia Pettersson

Telefon: +46-(0)8-524 872 29
Besöksadress: Course service desk / Reception
Solnavägen 9, floor 3
Opening hours:
Tuesday 11:30-12:30
Thursday 12:00-13:00
(closed for summer and winter holidays)



Erik Norberg

Enhet: Norberg Erik grupp - Cellulär metabolism

Senior forskare

Helin Norberg

Enhet: Norberg Helin grupp - Signalvägar för proteinnedbrytning


Johanna Lanner

Telefon: 08-524 823 73
Enhet: Lanner Johanna grupp - Molekylär muskelfysiologi och patofysiologi


Nicolas Pillon

Enhet: Institutionen för fysiologi och farmakologi (FYFA), C3


Carl Sellgren

Enhet: Sellgren Carl grupp - Cellulär modellering av neuropsykiatriska sjukdomar



Speaker Date Title of seminar
Professor Roger Karlsson 2019-02-20 "On Profilin - a master regulator of actin and cell migration"

Previous seminars


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Peter Bergman December 6 "Induction of antimicrobial peptides and autophagy as a novel way to treat infections"
Mikael Rydén November 29 "Some novel aspects on white adipose tissue function and expansion"
Per Hydbring November 8 "MicroRNA therapy as a viable option to combat refractory cancers"
Vojo Deretic October 4 "Autophagy and Mtb: a retrospective and a look ahead"
Terje Lømo June 14 "Motoneuronal firing patterns: Controlling synaptic and contractile properties in skeletal muscle fibres"
Stefano Gastaldello April 5 "The involvement of the Small Ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) network in skeletal muscle functions and diseases"
Arvind Venkat & Gabriel Heras March 8, 2018 "SUMO wrestling in skeletal muscle"
Mattias Mannervik February 8, 2018 "Mechanisms by which p300/CBP controls developmental gene expression"


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Jerker Widengren December 14 "Ultrasensitive and ultrahigh resolution fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging for fundamental biomolecular studies and towards clinical diagnostics"
Laura Sardon Puig
Brendan Gabriel
November 30 "Fatty acids and glucose disrupt clock gene expression in skeletal muscle"
"Insulin as a modulator of circadian rhythm in skeletal muscle"
Lisa Westerberg November 23 "The immune system is never at rest: Understanding the role of actin regulators in immune cells."
Michael D. Burton June 20 "TLR4-dependent pain shows a sexspecific mechanism of action."
Emma Andersson June 1 "A receptor-selective Jagged1 mutation recaptitulates Alagille syndrome in vivo & establishment
of a novel high throughput in vivo method to study genetic control of development."
Jorge Manzanares May 22 "Role of the cannabinoid CB2 receptor in the regulation of anxiety and depression"
Volker Haase January 26 “HIF oxygen sensors as therapeutic targets in kidney disease”


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Andreas Papapetropoulos December 8 "Biological actions and translational potential of hydrogen sulfide"
Susanne Gabrielsson December 1 "Exosomes in inflammation and as cancer therapy"
Li Wang November 24 "Nuclear Receptor and LncRNA Crosstalk in Liver Metabolism and Diseases"
John Pernow November 17 "Role of Arginase and Nitric Oxide Regulation in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes"
Christian Broberger November 3 "Building stable networks from individual neurons - Insights from hypothalamic dopamine neurons and the control of lactation"
Sara Liin October 20 "Molecular studies of cardiac arrhythmias – genetic causes and novel treatment strategies"
Valdir de Andrade Braga October 13 "Angiotensin II dependent hypertension: focus on the SFO-PVN-RVLM"
Rama Dwivedi October 10 "Role of epigenetics in disease prevention and therapeutics"
Carsten Daub September 22 "Gene regulation of insulin response in fat tissue and its dys-regulation in obesity"
Åsa Gustafsson August 24 "Mitochondrial quality control: the difference between success and failure"
Andres Melendez February 29 "Interplay of redox and calcium signaling in senescence"
Raekil Park January 18 "Peroxisome dysfunction and hearing loss"


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Susan Treves November 19 "Calcium regulation under normal and pathological conditions"
Miguel Jimenez Andrade October 7 "Bone cancer pain: from mechanisms to therapy"
Oliver Soehnlein September 7 "Neutrophil-dictated monocyte recruitment – from physiology to intervention"
Stefano Gastaldello May 27 "Post translational modification of muscle proteins by the Small Ubiquitin Modifier, SUMO"
Simon Beggs March 18 "Microglia and pain: beyond immunity"
Ana Teixeira March 11 "Bioengineering approaches to understand cell-to-cell communication"
Kenneth A. Jacobson March 4 "Selective A 1 and A 3 adenosine receptor agonists and their potential application to disease treatment"


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Jorge Ruas November 26 "Muscle talks: Molecular pathways of inter-organ communication"
Harald H. Schmidt April 15 "NOX vs. NOS: Therapeutic applications”
Omar S. Mabrouk April 2 "Investigating motor circuits with advance in vivo neurochemical monitoring"
Paola Divieti Pajevic March 12 "G-protein stimulatory subunit alpha in osteocytes controls hematopoiesis and fat metabolism"
Elisabeth Stener-Victorin February 11 ”Tumor-derived exosomes promote pre-metastatic niche formation and organotropism”
David Lyden Cancelled ”Developmental origin of reproductive and metabolic dysfunction: Role of androgens, obesity and new treatment strategies”


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Lene Uhrbom Cancelled "A cell of origin-based cross-species strategy to decipher glioblastoma biology"
Ruisheng Liu November 27 "Renal mechanism for salt-sensitive hypertension and diabetic nephropathy: Tubuloglomerular feedback - a two-edged sword?"
Robert Harris November 20 "Myeloid cell therapy - personalised medicine of the near future"
Nathan Bryan November 11 "New paradigm for regulation of endogenous nitric oxide production in humans - the oral systemic link"
Christopher S. Wilcox October 16 "Overview of oxidative stress as an initiator of hypertension and chronic kidney disease"
John H. Krystal October 11 "Ketamine - from probe of cortical dysfunction in schizophrenia to rapid-acting antidepressant"
Stephane Angers September 5 "Study of Wnt signalling using functional proteomics"
Theresa Vincent August 28 "Ribosomal biogenesis, epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) and beyond"
Madelon Maurice June 13 "Mechanisms, moves and mutations of Wnt pathway proteins in cancer"
András Simon May 22 "Salamander regeneration"
Martin Ronis May 14 "The role of Wnt-beta-catenin signaling in alcohol promotion of hepatocarcinogenesis"
Igor Adameyko April 29 "Peripheral glial cells - dormant multipotent stem cells during development and regeneration"
André Fisahn April 24 "Neuronal synchronization and cognitive deficits in neurological disorders"
Jorge Ruas April 10 "Transcriptional control of skeletal muscle plasticity"
Anna K Magnusson March 6 "Keeping time - processing of communication sounds in the brain"
Peder Olofsson February 5 "Acetylcholine-synthesizing T cells relay neural signals that regulate inflammation"
Michael Andäng January 30 "Ions and photons in control of stemness and development"


Speaker Date Title of seminar
Michael McKinley December 12 "The lamina terminalis in the brain: Front and center for body fluid and electrolyte homeostasis"
Tibor Harkany November 28 "Molecular dissection of cannabis-induced modifications to the developing brain"
Mia Phillipson November 21 "Leukocyte recruitment in inflammation and angiogenesis"
Staffan Strömblad October 17 "Systems microscopy analysis of cell migration form and function"
Rickard Sandberg October 3 "Single-cell transcriptome analyses in development and cancer"
Anna Wedell September 19 "Novel genes and pathways in inborn errors of metabolism"
Juha Kere September 12 "Gene expression during the first days of life"
Oliver Stiedl June 20 "Emotional learning and heart rate dynamics: translational approaches from mice to man"
Lorenz Poellinger June 13 "Epigenetic mechanisms underlying the cellular response to hypoxia"
Jonas Fuxe May 2 "The epithelial-mesenchymal transition - a link between cancer and inflammation"
Ola Winqvist March 14 "Sentinel node based immunotherapy of cancer"
Johanna Lanner February 16 "Ca2+ release and muscle function in health and disease"
Michael Axelsson February 15 "Cardio-respiratory physiology in polar fish - does living on the edge make a difference"
Gerald DiBona February 1 "Translational medicine - the antihypertensive effect of renal denervation"
Robert Yolken January 19 "The search for new etiological agents of human brain diseases"