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Ulf von Euler Lecture 2014: Professor Susan G. Amara

2014-03-2814:00 NB! Lecture hall changed to Jacob Berzelius (Adam), Berzelius väg 3Campus Solna

You are kindly invited to this year's Ulf von Euler Lecture which will be given by Professor Susan G Amara, National Institute of Mental Health, NIH, Bethesda, USA. 

Susan Amara is one of the co-discoverers of the neuronal neurotransmitter uptake proteins.

Neurotransmitter transporters present at the plasma membrane contribute to the clearance and recycling of neurotransmitters and have a profound impact on the extent of receptor activation during neuronal signaling. These carriers also are the primary targets for psychostimulant drugs of abuse, antidepressant medications, and drugs such as methylphenidate and amphetamines, which are used to treat attention deficit disorders. This lecture will highlight several of the major signaling pathways that regulate dopamine transporter function and will also consider recent work showing that amphetamine-like drugs can directly target intracellular signaling pathways to trigger changes in membrane protein trafficking and other cellular activities in dopamine neurons.  Although several steps in the process remain undefined, these intracellular actions of amphetamine have important implications for the behavioral effects and neurotoxicity associated with psychostimulant use and predict new cellular targets for modulating the actions of amphetamines.

Contact persons: Professor Lars E Gustafsson, lars.gustafsson@ki.se (tel 08-524 871 91) and Professor Håkan Westerblad, hakan.westerblad@ki.se (tel 08-524 87 253)

For those who wish to meet with Susan Amara, please coordinate with Dr Sophie Erhardt, sophie.erhardt@ki.se 

Lecture poster (pdf)