Assistance in the buildings at FyFa

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Michael Elm (Micke), Michael Davoren and Hina Mohsin can assist regarding the following functions in the Physiology and Pharmacology buildings. 

Assistance in the buildings at FyFa


Michael Elm  
FyFa shop Open Mon-Fri, 13:00-15:00, on the ground floor of the Pharmacology building on Nanna Svartz väg 6a.  
- Office material
- Laboratory supplies
Moving assistance Moves furniture, rearranges furniture
Copy machines and printers Helps when copy machines/printers malfunction
Lights Replaces light bulbs and fluorescent lamps on our premises (except for areas for which Akademiska Hus is responsible)
Collection of waste paper Responsible for ensuring that the white recycling bins in the corridors are emptied every other week
Technical engineering Helps with workshop task/technical engineering tasks
Bar codes Orders printing of extra bar codes, or new bar codes 
Waste management Garbage rooms. Collection of waste paper. Hazardous waste.  
Hina Mohsin  
Laboratory washing In the Pharmacology building
Lab coats Washing of lab coats
Lab journals Orders new lab journals for the FyFa shop
First aid Responsible for ensuring that medical supplies for first aid are available in the buildings
Autoclaving In the Pharmacology building
Package deliveries to the department Necessary information to ensure that the package will reach the right addressee at FyFa:
- Delivery address with the appropriate postal code number. N.B! Don’t use a P.O. box address
- Name and telephone of the addressee. 
- Name and telephone of the sender. 
- Description of package content. 
Copy paper Pharmacology: Extra copy paper is found next to the post room. 
Physiology: Copy paper can be collected on the other side of the red door, next to the mail pigeon holes on the ground floor.
Mail distribution Picks up and delivers mail addressed to staff at the department
Envelopes Orders extra envelopes with the logo and the address of the department

Locks and alarm at FyFa

Contact person: Michael Elm
Phone: +46 8 524 870 79

Alarm at FyFa

Front doors: Key cards and code are required between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m.
Windows and doors to lunchroom: the alarm is activated between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
NB! Please remember to use the door key button, NEVER the door knob.utpasseringsknapp - nyckel

Do not engage in "door conferences" or let doors remain open. They are all wired, even daytime. The same applies to windows on the lower levels (marked).

ALWAYS use the "door key button", NEVER the door knob when leaving!

Contact at Karolinska Institutet (in Swedish) - Facility office (Fastighetsavdelningen)


Assistance in the buildings at FyFa