Yongtao Xue-Franzén

Position: Senior Lab Manager, Neuroscience (Neuro).

From an early age, Yongtao has wanted to be a journalist. Being a Digital Ambassador for Karolinska Institutet is a way for her to combine her experience and love for science and her life-long dream of communicating with the world!

I will blog about the researcher’s life, I wish my blog gives positive influence to the researchers and non-researchers, and I want it to be entertaining as well.”

Yongtao’s research focuses on the field of neuroscience but has previously done research in gene regulation network in yeast and cancer research by throughput approaches. She received her PhD from KI and was enticed by Karolinska’s reputation.

I choose KI because it is the most prestigious university in Sweden. It is one of the leading universities in medical research. Besides, KI has most funding for research in Sweden, so I guess, because of that, you also have higher chance ended up in KI because provides a lot of resources. KI has its traditional research culture, but it is also very modern with update research platform.”

Not only did she find excellent resources and great research facilities at KI, she was challenged and inspired by her many colleagues.

The curiosity! The curiosity brings so much discovery and fun in life!”

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