Yesho Simon - Health Informatics student from Uganda

Programme: Master of Health Informatics
From: Uganda
Born: 1987


Karolinska Institutet was Simon's first choice to pursue his health informatics education as this is a unique programme and not many universities offer this specialization. The fact that KI is a world-leading medical university was also a factor.

Karolinska Institutet stood out for me because it has consistently been rated as one of the best universities in Europe and a global medical research hub, being interested in undertaking a career in a research I felt I would gain the most comprehensive education at KI to direct my career choices.

The big move to Europe was made easier by the people Simon has met at KI thus far. He finds everyone incredibly helpful and is incredibly inspired and motivated by his fellow classmates and professors.

With the multinational and multidisciplinary spectrum of students and lecturers at the HI programme the wealth of knowledge shared during class discussions has been staggering. I feel I look upon myself more as a global citizen always learning new information and looking forward to making my contributions towards HI in the near future.

Inside the classroom, Simon is finding that he is enjoying the way his courses are structured, saying that the programme is “structured in a very interactive mode with experts in different fields of medical care, technology and policy facilitating the lectures, this puts an aura of practicability in the programme.”

Simon hopes to pursue his academic love for health informatics through to his doctorate, bringing his practical education back to his roots and improve health service delivery in less developed countries, especially Uganda. But for now he is just going to focus on his current studies, and maybe learn to ski!


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Photo by D.Humphrey

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