Xu Chen

Position: PhD student at the Dept. of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB).

Karolinska Institutet was an easy choice for Xu to pursue his research, with its global scientific reputation and especially the world’s largest twin registry. It was also an attractive institute since the school hands out the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine and is seen as being on the frontier of science.

Xu’s research focuses on the genetic epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases by looked at and comparing twins. He very much enjoys KI for the colleague cooperation, scientific innovation, cutting-edge research, and encouraging and inspirational working environment.

It makes me more optimistic, confident and dare to question authority.”

Xu is confident that his work here at KI on twin models will be influential in the field, investigating the genetic and environmental influences on novel biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, and help him launch into the next phase of his career.

As for blogging, Xu is excited to share his enthusiasm for his research and school with the world. He wants to

shorten the distance between pre-PhD students and KI. I will blog some daily life of my PHD period and some resources we can use in KI.”

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