Workshop 17 May: Creative space - focusing on your own expressions ...

Abstrakt målning.

The Student Health Centre offers a free creative workshop open to all students who are interested in experimenting with using art materials for self expression and reflection. Absolutely no experience or skill is necessary!

Through artistic experiences, creativity, reflection and sharing, Creative space offers an opportunity for higher self-awareness and personal growth. The creative process itself is in focus, whereas technique and performance is disregarded. We will join in music, images, movements, drama, poetry and prose. You don't have to be 'good at art' - this workshop aims to tap the creative energy which we all have within us and for participants to discover how to find joy in the creative process.

Where: Student Health Centre, Health promotion, library entrance, Berzelius väg 3, Campus Solna

When: Saturday 17 May, 09.30-16.30

Registration: Spots are limited, so please register in advance here, as soon as possible (no later than 12 May)

The workshop is led by Angela Rizzo, Registered Physician/GP and Expressive Art Therapist and Hanne Hesseldahl Webjörn, Occupational Health Nurse at the Student Health Centre.

Please note that registration is mandatory, if you do not participate after registration we will charge a cost of 200 SEK.

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