Working during your studies

Denna sida på svenska

International students in Sweden may work on their student visas. Here are some job-hunting hints for part-time work during your studies.

How much can I work next to my studies?

Only part-time and definitely not enough to support yourself, but enough to get some extra spending cash. Expect to have classes most weekdays between 9 and 16, so you'll most likely have to find work in the evenings or weekends. 

Do I need to speak Swedish to find a job?

Fluency in the Swedish language helps when looking for a job in Sweden, but is not vital to finding a part-time job.

Old-fashioned job hunting still works

There is always the old fashioned way of handing out your CV in restaurants, cafés and boutiques, asking friends, neighbours and colleagues if they know of any work and putting up notes in the local grocery store notice boards for babysitting, dog walking, tutoring or the like.

Use your network

Let people know that you are available and what skills you have and services you offer. The word will spread and you will simultaneously build up your network and your personal brand.

Go online

There are also a number of web sites that you can visit when searching for a job. There are also some sites where you register. You will find a list with useful links on Finding a jobAnother possibility to get work experience can be through an internship.

Be a Digital Ambassador 

We recruit a number of international master's students with a great interest in social media and communication once a year. They represent Karolinska Institutet and the Global Master's programmes online on our various digital platforms. If you are interested in applying for the position "Digital Ambassador" read more about it here. Our Digital Ambassadors have also blogged about finding work in Stockholm.

The Local

The Local - Sweden's news in English, is a news and community site for expats living in Sweden. They have a more formal section on jobs, as well as a useful noticeboard.

The Local - noticeboard
The Local - jobs

Arbetsförmedlingen - The Swedish Employment Service

The Swedish Employment Service is the first point of contact for most job seekers in Sweden. See their job database and read their tips on working in Sweden as a non-Swede below. 

Welcome to the Swedish Employment Service
Do you want to work in Sweden?
The Swedish Employment Service's job database - jobs in Stockholm county (Swedish only)