What makes our programmes global?

Karolinska Institutet's Global Master's Programmes offer a platform from which students can truly broaden their horizons. Read what our students have said about their Global Master's Programmes at Karolinska Institutet.

Karolinska Institutet's Global Master's Programmes are taught entirely in English. A diverse group of fellow students and instructors enrich the learning experience and extend your network of contacts around the world. Our focus in the fields of health and life sciences has a truly global application and KI's reputation for quality and innovation in these fields is well established around the world.

Read on to see what some of our students have said about the global aspects of their educational experience at Karolinska Institutet.

A world-renowned university

Being one of those big names and home to the Nobel prize definitely put Karolinska Institutet among my first choices. KI is conncected with the rest of the scientific community on both sides of the globe, so I knew it would open doors for me.

Haythem Ismail, biomedicine student

I've realized that the most valuable thing I've learnt in the program is not any of the management knowledge or the techniques we've learnt from projects or assignments, it is, I would say, the ability to build up a strong network within the industry.

Ting Yau, bioentrepreneurship student

Diverse classroom environment

Having previously been a clinical student surrounded by other medical students every day, it's been somewhat refreshing to talk with students studying such a variety of subjects. I think that's one of the things I really love about being at KI - the combination of diversity in the backgrounds of students, and in the topics that each studies, all the time bound together by the common mission to "contribute to the improvement of human health through research and education".

OJ Dyar, global health student

I was amazed how international our class was, with people from China, India, Jordan, Iran, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Macedonia etc., people with different backgrounds (mainly medical or technical) that enrich every discussion by giving the multifaceted face of health care problems.

Elena Eftimovska, health informatics student

Global perspective in education

As an environmentalist, I chose to study toxicology because of the important role it plays in reducing human impacts on the planet, and ensuring that it is truly habitable for future generations.

Oliver Adfeldt Still, toxicology student

Sweden is a country with an amazing environment, multiple cultures, widespread use of the English language, and a well-known social welfare system. These factors are good reference points for studying the public health science scenario.

Fei Yang, public health sciences student

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