Tina Sayari - Bachelor of Biomedicine student from Sweden

Programme: Bachelor of Biomedicine
From: Sweden
Born: 1993
Email: tina.sayari.mamaghani@stud.ki.se
Blog: tinasayari
Contact me in: English, Persian, Swedish

I chose Karolinska Institutet because who doesn’t want to be a part of the generation who did their degree during the era where KI was one of the world’s leading medical universities?

Tina is an energetic and involved student at Karolinska Institutet, where she studies her Bachelor in Biomedicine. Born and raised in Stockholm, she loves keeping active in her spare time and meeting new people!

I chose KI because of its international presence on all 5 continents - many exchange possibilities for a KI student to take use of and also the fact that many international students can come here!

Indeed, internationalization is always on Tina’s mind, and is one of the main reasons she chose to study her bachelor at KI. She appreciates that KI has collaborations and partnerships with universities around the globe, and works to make these exchanges an integrated part of student life.

It is truly a “one of a kind” possibility to go and study at another country and KI offers you this opportunity in the best way possible.

Tina is very much enjoying her studies thus far, describing the program strongly research-oriented but at the same time, gives its’ students a broad overview of the field, allowing them to apply the knowledge into any industry, whether in further education or in their career path of choice. Tina is also impressed with KI’s overall recognition in the world, both as a top-ranking university, and as a leader in the medical field.

KI being so far ahead in research today reflects on the quality of our studies during the years and how well prepared we are to do great things after our studies.

In the future, Tina sees herself being employed at a large life science company with an international reach. She wants to be influential in her field and find herself in a position that allows her to travel the world.

 ‘One can always dream but studying at KI makes you feel like you are a little closer to fulfilling that dream.’

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