Student testimonial: Emma Jacobsén

The Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet became a turning point towards a brighter professional career.

Combining my previous Bachelor's degree in biotechnology with this newly established programme has given me a deeper understanding of the path from science to business. This is something that the life science industry asks for. During the programme, I have been able to establish many new contacts in the industry, as many of the lectures were provided by professionals from the industry.

I have had the opportunity, on two separate occasions, to do internships at life science companies. These experiences have enhanced my practical skills and prepared me for my future career. For those in the class who wanted to experience new countries and cultures, the internship periods became good opportunities to go abroad. The wide spread of nationalities in the class has contributed to many different and exciting experiences and I can say that Chinese rice candy has not become one of my favourites!

The two years at KI have flown by quickly and I now look forward to using my newfound knowledge and contacts and begin my new career.

Emma Jacobsén

BioentrepreneurshipMaster programme