Student testimonial, Almira Osmanovic-Thunström

Ever since I was a little girl, I indulged in curiosity and my dream was to be a scientist. Now, thanks to my education, I am well on my way to that dream.

I started my studies in a small town called Skövde, in Sweden. I majored in cognitive neuroscience. During my Bachelor's education, I learned a lot about the individual but realised that even neurobiology, as molecular as it may seem, is part of a larger picture. The individual is affected by the economy, environment, healthcare, education, culture and family. My theory is that all sciences are connected and the broader your knowledge is, the more you will advance - even in the narrowest of research fields.

I was informed by a professor about the Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institutet and it seemed to fit my interests very well. I chose Karolinska Institutet because I wanted to advance my research methodology, and I have had the privilege to learn form the world´s foremost researchers, epidemiologists and public health scientists.

This program is not only about learning the facts, it is about learning about humanity and one's own place in society.

It is when one starts to see health in a global perspective that one really realizes how much one person can change the world´s health status for the better, and it inspires me.

The Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences is an international education, so I got to meet and befriend fellow students with 32 different nationalities. That in itself has been the greatest experience of my life, to meet such wonderful and intelligent individuals and to explore my own culture as well.

You learn through discussions and your classmates will give you an exciting insight to their cultures, something that no book on earth can replace. I have been extremely lucky and can proudly point at the map and smile because I have a friend for life in all corners of the world.

I would recommend the Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences to anyone who likes to have a broad education and wants to do research or work that is related to both life sciences and medical sciences.

Almira Osmanovic-Thunström

Master programmePublic Health