Student portrait: Spyridon Papasotiriou

Master's programme: Bioentrepreneurship 2012-2014
Country of residence: Greece
Year of birth: 1989

Spyridon (Spiros) carefully considered his choices when picking a master's programme:

'The uniqueness and the structure of the programme was the most important factor. I also took into consideration the high rankings of Karolinska Institutet and its relations with the industry. Furthermore, the fact that the university is located in one of the safest and most livable countries in the world convinced me that it was the best choice for my future.'

The Bioentrepreneurship programme has definitely lived up to his expectations so far. He states that he has acquired useful knowledge of industrial and project management and attended lots of inspirational lectures, something that he adds is one of the strongest aspects of the master's programme from his point of view. He feels that he is growing as a person:

I get the chance to develop my personality further through unique assignments and projects.

Spiros's best memory from his first semester is interviewing an active enrepreneur within the life science industry:

'I was very excited about the opportunity to ask a successful person a lot of questions.'

It is clear that Spiros is filled with positive energy about his future and feels that he is in the right place. His aim is high - in ten years time he imagines himself working in a management position in the life science industry:

'Karolinska Institutet is a top medical university with numerous affiliations worldwide both with the academic and the private sector. Having the name of Karolinska Institutet in my CV makes me feel safe. I am truly grateful that I am part of Karolinska Institutet's community.'


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