Student portrait: Si Chen

Master's programme: Biomedicine
Country of residence: Germany/China
Year of birth: 1988
Year of graduation: 2012

One of the first things Si Chen noticed when she came to Stockholm to study at Karolinska Institutet (KI) was how Swedes were so comfortable with new technology.

'Here it is natural to buy your bus ticket with your mobile telephone and people surf, chat and work online with their smartphones and computers all over the place. You can even buy a chocolate bar or soft drink at a subway vending machine by sending a sms from your mobile. I think its fantastic to see how fast people can adapt to new technology and integrate it into their daily lives.'

Si Chen was born in Shanghai but moved to Germany at the age of nine due to her parents' work. Her understanding of German has made it easier to learn Swedish. She takes a course in Swedish for new immigrants twice a week.

But we mostly speak English at school since the atmosphere at KI is very international and most of my classmates aren't Swedish.

Si Chen has a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biotechnology from Heidelberg University in Germany and is now studying at the Masters Programme in Biomedicine at KI. Her next goal is to take a PhD. After that its time to choose a career.

'I am thinking about working within the pharmaceutical industry. But academic research is also fun. Both areas have their own advantages.'

One thing she likes about studying at KI is the combination of theory and practice. She thinks that it is great to be able to learn about biomedical concepts as well as the practical tools needed for research such as how one analyses and evaluates different results and apply this knowledge during projects in the laboratory. She also appreciates the possibility to build both a professional and a private network at the university.

'Another positive trait is how KI really works to be better in what it does. After every course we students participate in a web survey with comments and ideas about how the course can be improved. We also have a special course council that evaluates all of our suggestions.'


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